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Mobile monitoring
With the focus of enterprise monitoring gradually shifting toward mobile platforms, we, at FourthElephant have been busy developing a mobile client for our flagship product, Insider. The mobile client will allow users to check out server’s health, receive alerts and … Continue reading
Mar 12, 2012
Insider SQL Developer plugin 3.2
A new plugin for SQL Developer has been released. It is compatible with the latest SQL Developer version and it’s fantastic! All Insider views (except OS) have been added to the plugin. That is Sessions, Locks, Storage, Memory, Top, Waits, … Continue reading
Dec 6, 2010
Insider 3.2
New alerts (a longop has started, sort is spilling to disk, parallel downgraded to serial and DataGuard status) and minor improvements. Come and get it
Dec 6, 2010

Customer Testimonials

"Insider is fantastic. I can find the problems even before they become a bottleneck. 2.1 has even better functions all compressed in to few screens. I can see all I need to see very quickly. Very impressed with the quality and ease of use. Excellent effort guys."
Australian bank
"Insider is the application I've been looking for all my life."
Austrian clinic network
"I just want to reiterate how much I love your tool. If possible, I am going to nominate your tool for a Jolt award at Dr Dobbs."
US Fortune 500 company
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