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FourthElephant, Inc. is a privately held company based in Massachusetts, USA. It was founded by a team of top software industry professionals who have hands-on experience in delivering cutting-edge software to the world's most demanding customers. The FourthElephant team possesses a unique blend of experiences in server-based technologies including database, web and middleware and packaged software development.

What united us was a common vision - to redefine the way the information is communicated between humans and computers. FourthElephant team is dedicated to improving the work of both individual engineers and entire organizations by offering world-class software that boosts productivity and improves quality.

Our vision

At FourthElephant, we have a common vision that it is not the information that we provide our users with but rather the insight. It is not the data that is valuable but the creativity it empowers us with.

We believe that the way the people and computers interact today is far from how it should be and that the new routine tasks of the digital era should be eliminated just as manual work had once been replaced by machines. Our goal is to remove all obstacles from the way to the creativity at work

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