Insider for Oracle vs. Insider for SQL Developer (plugin)

Feature Insider for Oracle Insider for SQL Developer
Collect statistics for a single Oracle instance and display in real time X X
Enterprise overview X .
Oracle DataGuard configurations auto-discovery and support X .
Collect operating system statistics and display in real time X .
Oracle alerts X .
Operating system alerts X .
Alert customization X .
Alert history and HTML reports X .
Drilldown views: Sessions, Locks, Latches, Waits, Storage, I/O, Top SQL, Undo, Redo, OS, System X .
Save and analyze Oracle statistics for a month X .
Oracle 8i and 9i Release 1 support X .
Email alert notification X .
Sound alert notification X .
Sending custom alerts from any user application X .
Analyze and display Oracle alert log errors X .
Adjust refresh frequency and other options X .
Platform Standalone Plugin for SQL Developer
Support X .
Licensing License required1 Free

1License required to monitor Oracle Enterprise and Standard Editions. To monitor Oracle Express and Personal Editions no license is needed.

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