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Insider for Oracle

Insider is a real-time performance tuning solution for Oracle. It allows you to monitor all aspects of Oracle internal workings and presents this in a revolutionary and sleek user interface.

Oracle SQL Developer extensions

Use Insider's unique features from inside Oracle SQL Developer (former Raptor).

With Insider for SQL Developer you can execute a SQL and see its impact on your database. You can perform load testing and fine performance tuning of your code right from your development environment.

See comparison chart between Insider for Oracle and Insider for SQL Developer.

With Error lookup extension you can quickly look up oracle error codes (ORA-xxxx) without leaving your development environment.


Digger is an Oracle extended trace analyzer. The key features of Digger that set it apart from any similar tools are its intuitive user interface, high performance and advanced extended trace analysis capabilities.


InsiderOS is a real-time monitoring solution for your file server, web server or any other server machine. It supports all major operating systems, including different flavors of UNIX, Linux and Windows.

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